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Nearly everyone who comes to see me asks for braces that can hardly be seen or are completely hidden, that won’t affect their daily life too much and are comfortable.

My job is to give you that perfect smile, and with this end goal in mind I will go through with you what will work.

Planning for that perfect smile is where it pays to see an experienced Specialist. After over 8 years of training and 10 years working as a Specialist in Harley Street, I have the background to advise on planning your treatment in a bespoke and appropriate way for you.

I treat a huge mix of adults and children, local and international patients and celebrities, and I use several brace types as shown below. I was invited to write for The Spectator about my work, Brace Yourself To Smile gives a good guide as to which treatments are available.

Invisalign: i7 ® , Invisalign Lite ® , Invisalign Full ® , Invisalign Teen ® , Vivera Retainers ®

Dr Emma Laing has been a GOLD INVISALIGN PROVIDER SINCE 2015


I offer all the Invisalign products tailored to you. The Invisalign system uses custom-made clear aligners that are made from a 3D set-up treatment planning model called a Clincheck. I love to get my patients involved in their treatment planning and invite all my patients to to view and comment on their Clincheck so that you know how your bespoke final smile will look. It’s your smile after all!

I now uses The iTero® Element Scanner to take the records needed for Invisalign. This is a state-of-the-art digital impression system that eliminates the need for messy putty in your mouth. It can digitally capture a detailed 3D model of your teeth and gums.
Not only is this process far more comfortable than the old putty based impressions, but it’s faster and can offer a superior clinical endpoint. © 2016 Align Technology, Inc.

Lingual Braces on the back of the teeth:  Incognito™ and WiN

Hiding everything on the back of the teeth is the ultimate discretion. Every component is entirely custom-made with huge precision, meaning a more comfortable and efficient treatment. At first lingual braces can be hard to get used to as they rub the tongue, and speech can be different but most issues resolve after the first month.

Clear braces on the front of the teeth: Clarity Advanced and Damon Clear

Small ceramic attachments on the front of the teeth, these are conventional braces but not as we know it. For a more inexpensive option it is possible to have the metal version of these (Gemini and DamonQ).

Functional braces and removable braces

If there is a really large overjet/overbite in a growing patient, such as after sucking their thumb for many years, then before one of the braces above I use a Twin Block brace or Invisalign Teen Mandibular Advancement to correct the bite, so there are easy ways for someone to get their bite fixed in a discrete way at school. Small removable braces can also be used to help widen the arches as the teeth grow teeth and fix smaller tooth position issues like crossbites.

Surgery cases

It is a privilege for me to treat more complex cases whereby moving the teeth alone will not suffice to give a perfect cosmetic or functional result. I undertake pre-surgical orthodontics, liaising closely with the patient’s surgeon, then the surgery takes place and afterwards post-surgical orthodontics for about another 6 months. Here is a recent example of one of my patients on his surgical journey, he is not quite finished but the improvement is clear to see..

HOLD THAT SMILE! Retainers after treatment

Once your treatment finishes I will place discrete wires on the back of the teeth to prevent the teeth moving again, together with a clear retainer over this to wear some nights, it looks just like Invisalign. This combination holds your beautiful end result and stops any movement of the teeth afterwards. The wires are on the back of the teeth so cannot be seen and are very fine and smooth so my patients do not find these difficult.

Anti-Snoring Appliances

Snoring is such a common issue but the lack of sleep from this has wide reaching effects to name a few such as daytime sleepiness and higher stress levels due to fatigue. Dr Emma Laing is trained to provide Sleepwell, a dental device that is a practical solution to this problem. If there is any chance of a more serious issue going on such as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Emma will refer you for further investigation.

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